Wishes of eternal love

by Lucio Muñoz

What a morning!,
I run into a beautiful butterfly
While walking through the garden
And we fell in love.
(We had only one day).

What an afternoon!,
She agreed to spend it with me at the fair
Enjoying fresh air
And a lot of sweet cotton candy.
(We had not much time left to go).

What an evening!,
Lip to lip, heart to heart, breath to breath
We spent the night together
Like if it was never going to end.
(She died in my arms).

What a day!,
From strangers to friends
From friends to lovers
And from lovers to wishes of eternal love.
(I will always love her).

Poem by Lucio Muñoz
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Lucio Reinaldo Muñoz Toledo's picture

Independent QLC researcher/consultant who enjoys writing and sharing short poems, short stories and haikus with friends and family. Goal: To write as simple as possible to be able to reach a wider audience from children to adults both in English and in Spanish.

Last updated March 23, 2014