With the sunshine, I will be waiting for you

by Lucio Muñoz

I am the land that saw you grow up,
And you are the beautiful flower traveling to foreign lands
In search of new adventures.
I know you know for sure how much I love you,
But you feel the need to test your feelings
For me completely by placing them on the top of other human fires.
I know that one day you will come back to me,
And with the sunshine I will be waiting for you with open arms
As your coming would mean that only I can fully fulfill all your desires.

Poem by Lucio Muñoz
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Lucio Reinaldo Muñoz Toledo's picture

Independent QLC researcher/consultant who enjoys writing and sharing short poems, short stories and haikus with friends and family. Goal: To write as simple as possible to be able to reach a wider audience from children to adults both in English and in Spanish.

Last updated October 09, 2011