Different ways of facing global warming

by Lucio Muñoz

The official view,
Keep the oil economy running,
Just manage to minimize or neutralize new emissions,
Ensuring that those left without protection are few.

The skeptical environmentalist view,
Forget emissions and invest in renewable energy technology,
The social and environmental benefits of doing so are many,
Yet the official supporters are few.

The true sustainability view,
In the short term, tax the oil economy heavily,
And invest the proceed to develop long-term the clean economy,
One where social and environmental externalities are few.

Poem by Lucio Muñoz
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Lucio Reinaldo Muñoz Toledo's picture

Independent QLC researcher/consultant who enjoys writing and sharing short poems, short stories and haikus with friends and family. Goal: To write as simple as possible to be able to reach a wider audience from children to adults both in English and in Spanish.

Last updated September 22, 2011