The Bedroom is Freezing

by Luke Kayne

The bedroom is freezing,
What about yours?
Your one is probably filled up with whores,
That hang over chairs, like branched fingers from trees,
Your house gleams and dazzles,
While my house jumps with fleas.

The oven is broken,
The windows are cracked,
The roof filled with holes,
Walls mouldy and black.

The carpet-stained quicksand,
The fridge on the blink,
Your pour wine like it is water,
I cascade down the sink.

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At the tender age of 50, I have rediscovered my passion for writing poems., Dusting out age old prose and poetry, I have found myself writing with the passion of youth., I have been previously published in three anthologies 'Expressions from the Heart of England 2005', 'Schoolyard Secrets' and 'Poetry Rivals Collection 2011'., My first collection of poetry, 'Mood Swings' was published in 2021. 'Hole in None' was published later in the same year. Both are available on Amazon.

Last updated November 05, 2022