If There Were Another Reason

by M. Douglas Hoss

If there were another reason to write,
I could not tell you what it is.
If there were any other reason
To deface some virgin page,
I do not know what it would be.
But if there were no more love,
I could tell you this-
No tree would ever bear
Any heart encircled initials
Or be hewn down to make paper
For Valentine's day cards
Or even books of poetry;
The squid would swim on along
With its unwritten ink,
Completely safe.
No crystal moon would ever rise
And no golden star would ever have
Any reason to ever fall.
And we, we would not have
Any reason to live,
Another reason to die.

"Moments of Temporary Sanity" by M. Douglas Hoss

M. Douglas Hoss's picture

M. Douglas Hoss was born in Wichita, Kansas on March 28th, 1957. He has studied English and poetry for over twenty years, and in 2005 had his first book "From Time To Time" published by the Western Virginia Foundation for the Arts and Sciences, which was so successful, that signed copies of a first edition paperback sell for over $80.00 on the internet. Afterwards, he taught English and College level literature overseas and later moved to Seattle, Washington where he now resides, working on his next three books.

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