Remember the times

Remember the times
When we drank the poet’s wine
And sang out loud, our dreams
Painted in our hearts
Remember the times when we used to dream

Now is the time to do it
Oh! But I just see the long road ahead
Without my dream at the end
I am afraid,
May be I am on the wrong track
How, I wish to change my track
Bounded to this track, I am
With chains called ‘time is gone’.
Not a soul knew my dreams
Because poet’s wine I drank lonely
May be I shouldn’t have drank lonely
Walked on the wrong track, I
Young who is not wise, I was
Attracted to this golden track, I was
Wise now, I am
But bounded, I am

Realised one day
What a firework, I am
Exploded like an atom bomb, I
Broke the chain. Took the track
With sight of my dream at the end headed I
Track was not easy, never is
But still my dream at end, I saw
Was trod in the very dirt
But still like dust, I rose
Coz, dreams cannot be disposed

Remember the times when we used to dream
Standing on my dreams, here am I
Lost, you would be
Just remember the times when you used to dream
Golden paths may not lead to your dream, I advise
Just remember Dreams do not demise.



Last updated January 17, 2012