by Malkia Charlee NoCry

I was sent on earth to pester these
women and men of many years and ease
Illness rattling my body
boiling my skin
Over-stretched and lying flat
My body could sail to heaven
and this would suit me.
So I gather my skirts around me
Holding cloth where the sweat
grips between the breasts
I look behind me and
there lies the refulgent visions
of mercurial beasts and beings
Climbing an inclined floral fragrant slope
Behind my irises and beneath my feet the tingle of bleed
fuels rushing rivers. “Life”, I said, “Cannot be this important
as you told me, the purpose of things is found in the soul”
“And the soul” as we know is infinite, immutable
In Life and in Death
And all the magic of this Earth
began to shake the margins of real
and birds holler at the dip of a black hole that seemed
to distort the invisible graph that holds the elements of space
inter-stitched, shoving silence into a statement that
chaotically disturbed the Peace
“You need details, don’t you – methods?”
To this I sneezed, and pain pricked muscles unknown.
“Curiosity drives me – or a lack of Faith”
“A soul is a trained animal, alive, breathing, but mostly –
thinking” it is here to acquire to know.
“An uprooted flower may be observed, appreciated for up to a week.
But a potted lotus will bloom in resplendent variation for many life-times”
Each year’s new bud a celebration of the last. “Each year a chance to be less
ill – less lonely and more itself. And not just for itself – but for all of you”
Before my head could rise, to see the startling exuberance of light from the skies
a crack, a branch – a sound…
“Woman go now and re-pot yourself”

Emergence of the Lotus Flower

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American-British Black Feminist poet and writer.

Last updated October 19, 2012