What I chose among the pearls,
Where I stopped by the horizon,
Why I paused to look at the roaring waves,
When the raindrops kissed my cheek,
Soil succumbed the shells turning grey,
Debris waltzed beneath the moisture,
Letting sands tick-tock the beat,
Rapt droplets on the petals glistened,
Leaves were strewn over the trodden path,
Turning brown over the years,
Engrossed of a wisp of dew beads,
Dripping hues on my sky canvas,
Filled with grains of stardust,
Sparkling the suss of that breeze,
Wielding the moment to last,
As the light lightens the heart,
Peeling layers of scars,
Hollowing souls,
Highlighting the road,
When you're missing home,
Staring at the bottom of your hourglass,
To take a step every day,
Without knowing the unknown.

Sera Jacob

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22, a journalism student, environmentalist, art_to_heart, music, passionately curious, carpe diem, photography, loved beyond the obvious and bullied too feminist, survivor, let it go & how wild it was to let it be, captioning the moment, human, animal lover, family fond., Every little thing that life brings you, makes the wondering world ponder that moment you own.

Last updated May 09, 2019