I stood at the junction,
Not knowing which road to follow,
One cluttered with leaves,
While the other was purely laid out,
Like a cloth,
Hidden among the canopy was a brook,
Replenishing life itself for thirst,
Desire and lust felt by the nerves,
Anguishing branches cuddled stems,
As if my mind is drizzling,
Over a puddle of brown leaves,
Clouds covered the grey horizon,
A question arose out of nowhere,
The sapling grew over years,
Healing time and toil.

Sera Jacob

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22, a journalism student, environmentalist, art_to_heart, music, passionately curious, carpe diem, photography, loved beyond the obvious and bullied too feminist, survivor, let it go & how wild it was to let it be, captioning the moment, human, animal lover, family fond., Every little thing that life brings you, makes the wondering world ponder that moment you own.

Last updated May 09, 2019