Twirling feathers

Beauty is as lusciousness
In which one can bound up and down
Its ethereal steps
Commune with its sensuous breeze
Abundant with ever giving rapture

You are dressed with such attractive grace
We sweep on by
With courtesies of ecstasy

Thy vast skirt
Caressing the heaven
Of thy voluptuous thighs

You are nurturing as water and poignant wine
For our hearts bliss

Your hair as flowing fields of passion
As you twirl the exquisite feather of thy hair
With such pleasing delights

With countless longings to dance

One feels their blessed eyes filled with awe

Beauty. You make one desire to regain their fullness of being
To be graced with such presence

You are as a core of a flower, illuminating

Thy glimmering boots
Adamantly shining

All the way up to the
Flourishing dipples of thy knees
Caressed with
Luxuriating moons

You are as ethereal curry
To savor with zest
And peace of mind
Soothe of body
Kiss of soul
As the moment takes marvelous sanctuary there

You float on by
Embracing Supreme warmth
Twirling tangible feathers
In the bottom strands
of thy hair

Not a wave of grieving goodbyes
But an assuring hello
Like a pleasing timeless kiss

You make one desire
To regain their fullness
of being

Songs of pleasures and longing

Reynaldo Casison is the author of a poets quest for the eternal flower, I dream a lucid beauty, songs of pleasures and longing

Last updated August 01, 2022