I roll up my sleeves,I bow to exquisiteness

I still need to hear beauty
I need to feel essence

I have to commute with melodious Radiance renewing

Pang after pang I need to hear this unique nightingale trolling

The agony poignantly transmute to ecstasy and Solace

The restlessness to melody
The parchment throbs with relieving tears and the splendid honey

The inmost rhythms pulsate

And I feel so overcome with moonlight
And I feel so overcome with moonlight,
Trembling with the beneficent kisses

Peninsulas to coursing plains to bounding hilltops to Volume

The shore of stillness
is a soothe sewn towel
Solacing mists caress my heart, and I feel so overcome with moonlight

Now the sigh
Now the sigh

I long for Compassionate love

Reynaldo Casison

Songs of pleasures and longing

Reynaldo Casison is the author of a poets quest for the eternal flower, I dream a lucid beauty, songs of pleasures and longing

Last updated August 01, 2022