Lady of cool passions

jazzy gondolier
Lady of cool passions
You simmer leagues
Exotic profusions

It's pouring buckets
of appeasing rain

Within thy sensuous island of tremendous pine

I'd stroll blissfully
Through the Supreme

I'd luxuriate in the soothing isles
of the sacrosanct rainforest with thee
Bedazzled and eloquently

Fullness of rain
Inexhaustible sun
Depthful trees
And us flowing in harmony

Jazzy gondolier
lady of cool passions
It's pouring buckets
You simmer leagues
Lavishments of splendid balm

Aw I love how thy mane
Born from the womb of
Poignant nights
Has become as a gallant hammock blessed with crooning raindrops,
Sublime abundance,
And you simmer leagues

I'd blissfully bathe
In the legions of luscious citrus beams with thee
Bless with singing moisture
Musically gushing streams

From the winds gifting and infinite loam
We naturally fashion,shimmering translucent ponchos
Oceans dripping like syrup
From the glowing fabric
Our shoulders brushing like lavishing streams

Reynaldo Casison

Songs of pleasures and longing

Reynaldo Casison is the author of a poets quest for the eternal flower, I dream a lucid beauty, songs of pleasures and longing

Last updated August 01, 2022