I ache to say I love you

Canal stream touched by the pleasantries of morning
Your tresses in a bun
Light streams
From the sleek leather
Of thy coat
Which bundles thy bodice
Like a ravishing gown

Tattered jeans, pressed to the mill
Your ankles like chime
You urge me forward like rhyme

Shorn of cares
I beam in stride
You there by my side
Don't drift away tyo soon okay,
For I ache to say I love you

Pebble and grain
The walkway like
Enlivening tongues
In flow
To infinite realms
Beyond the bridged archway

At ease within itself
The rivulets gallops unhurried

Even so we have a plethora of lifetimes
to get reacquainted

Luscious foam distills
the ether
With new dimension

Beauty refreshes
Before our thirsting eyes
I ache to say I love you

Reynaldo Casison

Songs of pleasures and longing

Reynaldo Casison is the author of a poets quest for the eternal flower, I dream a lucid beauty, songs of pleasures and longing

Last updated August 01, 2022