Nightingale of sootheful seas

Nightingale of sootheful seas

You arrive in the levitating downpour

Passionate arboreal
Brooks gush
With melodious crescendos.

Upon the damp plateau

Sculpture jovially splays out

Glorious silk of delighting dew, Breeze of rain
Lather the parched clovers with steady Vibrance

With steady Vibrance
You embrace with exultant soaring

Upon the plush cushion,
Reposes in a Luscious nowness

With sheer patient undulations,
I adorn thy bowing hand
With translucent rings of harmonies

Nightingale of sootheful seas,
You graciously embrace with exultant soaring

Reynaldo Casison

Songs of pleasures and longing

Reynaldo Casison is the author of a poets quest for the eternal flower, I dream a lucid beauty, songs of pleasures and longing

Last updated July 31, 2022