I am the Heart

I am a regular heart.
I beat 85 times in a minute.
I have 5 great vessels in me.
All are working on how it should be.

I know pain, I know grief
I know lies deep within.
In your blood I have control
but I am the deceitful most of all.

You trust me in your pleasure
You mock me in your failures.
You blame how I beat
You even said I'm a beast.

Don't you know I don't have brains?
I have arteries and I have veins
but intelligence is not given to me.
Blame the brain for it didn't see

I am the heart and not the brain
Who's responsible for all your pain?
I just beat the normal way.
It's not my fault if my strength swept you away.

I am the heart remember that!

Helena BraveHeart

BraveHeartOnThe Potter'sHand's picture

Courage is God's Strength In You., YOUR lIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

Last updated November 26, 2016