Question mark remarks

by Mark Miller

Remnants all shame remained,
Woven reflections disillusionment,
Humility's existence sanctioned-

Nor I or he states present fear,
Toil tirade penciled paper,
Benevolent creator of hate,
Grace in place, grace in stance-

Home' outside times space,
Stranger's being fakes face-
Nobody welcomes the Judas,
Of lucid transcendence He,
Lies in eternal Graves-

Should we deny,
Or stray beyond -

Portraits in actors shamed betray,
Where children s games displaced play,
Invisible eyes disappear,
Of yesteryear's tears,
Feelings repaired appear-

Forsaking life unbecoming,
Observers of universe we are the us,

Singing telephonic whispers through ghosts,
Electrodynamics wind of harmonious dust,
Nothing from something waits like frost,

No overhead nor down payment in patience,
A hope soon shatters Stained Class,
Raising life upon fools shadow awaits,
Carving a craving for ending into beginning-
Pooling under selves realism lies,
Surrender hopes failure innate,
Inferno melts away new born sewn-

Mark Miller

Last updated September 12, 2014