Where do dreams come from how do they grow they come from a thought or a feeling or even a mood you'll never know.Your dream's are a powerful thing they can make one sing and feel many thing's. I've had many dreams from my heart comes apart at the seams i wake with wonder's why i must i have dreams some dreams seem so real even though you know you lay still and dream have many ways they seem so real some so vivid even ill, so many dreams as they start the worst dreams are the one's from the heart after having those dreams it feels your whole world has fell apart, specialy a dream of a memory of a loved one from long ago. And how you try to let all the memory's go. Just as it all seems they've faded away here come your dream to darken your day. Don't get me wrong not all dreams are bad, for some people that's all theyed had to dream a dream to get them through, that's not me i hate my dreams they hurt my heart to many dream's of memory's make me wonna fall apart, specialy with as biggest heart has been bestolled upon me dreams really bother me i wish they would leave me alone set my memory's free and let my heart go free.

Martin Smith

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hi my name is martin i love to write poetry. i hope one of these days that my poetry is read by many. All of my poetry comes from my heart and it takes alot of inspriation to write my poems. my poems are based off of several inspriations, and when intriged by an inspriation its an overwhelming feeling that i know i must put on paper at once. a my mind becomes a super highway of words to be putting into my poems.

Last updated March 04, 2013