I met you in the dream again
last night.
We went to a Graveyard.
For some reason,
I wanted to worship my grandparents.
We dashed here and there,
saw no Tombstones at all,
Hundreds of booths.
Someone told us
the graveyard turns a market
during off season.
I saw people yelling, exchanging
and Laughing
on the Graveyard.
I knew you wanted to touch me
I felt wanting to touch you.
I can tell nobody who you are.
You are nobody but you.

I woke up in the morning.
It is dusty and dirty outside.
They call it MAI.

Yao Ying, woman, born in 1980, live in JiangSu, China. work in a university, teaching English and American litearature.

Last updated December 19, 2013