kaleidoscopic whorled wide web.

against light source well crafted tubular structure appended with eyepiece gazing
offers viewer eye-opening, mindboggling instantaneously birthing then vanishing
resplendent myriad colorful geometric awesome shifting shapes hypnotizing
sight seer into a whirling gigolo where multifaceted fractals display pin-wheeling
arithmetically perfect triangulate squarely with proportionate arcs astounding
with blind faith on microscopic scale analogous to cosmic big bang spell-binding
mankind from time immemorial when her/his gaze turned heavenward peering
into the azure vault – one macrocosmic hint per the origin from when on-looking
proto-humans ruminated inscrutably enamored at the spectacular eminence grise
forever holding mystery of universe evolution in shroud of secret continually mystifying one generation after another until twenty first century astro-physicists
begin to unravel evolutionary tale writ small on planet earth yet storied tome
pried open from scientific revolutions enabling birth of cosmos honed with more
fine tuned precision to zero in on precise second whence explosion filled void
with nebulous material coalescing into rudimentary galactic masses generating
vast surfeit of globular structures evincing
conically swirling
millennially futuristic clear cut entities
upon which one – namely gaia
finds this sole member homo sapiens reveling in his makeshift primitive contrivance
teasing ocular sense with visual orgasms
begetting thought provoking questions into this eternal wonderment
that perchance some intelligent deity willfully rotates planet like some plaything
synonymous with mere mortal peering into magic of kaleidoscope!

matthew scott harris

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at two score and thirteen years, i feel a greater desire to imbibe each and every precious moment (not taken for granted) to enjoy the simple pleasures in life as well the maturation of me special daughters whose laps across el sol remind me how quickly time elapses!

Last updated May 09, 2012