I Give Myself for Love

by Max Ehrmann

Max Ehrmann

O YOU who love me, do you wish to bind
Me fast; when you grow cold
That no escape I find?

My heart I cannot barter for all days,
Though swearing with my tongue
A thousand, thousand ways.

The house of love is spirit, and no key
Will firmly close its doors
Forever and for thee.

Yet if you love but me, the one true way,
Without agreements long,
I'll go with you to-day.

But if by spring or noon of summer you
Look sad upon my face,
We'll smile and say adieu.

Glad, glad that we have tasted to the core
The sweet of all the world,
Though we shall taste no more.

For this I give my all-below, above,
On earth, and after it-
I give myself for love.

Last updated April 21, 2023