Repairing the Hubble Telescope

by Megan Snyder-Camp

Megan Snyder-Camp

"Organizers Abruptly Cancel 25"' Anniversary Gala Honoring NASA's
Hubble Telescope As Riots Burn Through Baltimore"

The camera is having trouble
focusing. A blurry spot
where the universe is.
Outside, a storm is brewing,
trashcans into windshields.
Outside agitators, a nebula
of thick dust. The images
are black and white but you can imagine
the green of this star's birth
as its extra spirals out.
This spring a cosmic mirage
where you could watch, on every television,
the death of a star in a supernova explosion
nine billion years ago across the cosmos.
Here in Sandtown, six men
have broken the spine of another.
It was a mistake
to send the camera out so quickly.
Easy to fix the lens
but nearly impossible to reach it,
as far out from us as it has drifted already.

Last updated September 24, 2022