What if life was just this one big illusion? This one big dream that we had to experience just to prepare us for the real thing? We had to experience all the heartache and all the happiness, all for what? Just to wait to experience it all over again? Maybe that’s what it means to have a second chance. It’s like, reincarnation if you will. We go through all of these things, and we learn and experience all that we can, some of us end up successful in life, some not so much. But we move on, and there it is. A brand new life. We take what we learned from the first one, and we somehow learn to find who we truly are. This comes extremely in handly for those who left that dream/world early, maybe they died, or for those who lost their way in that old life. What if those lost souls got at least one more chance to become someone?

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My name is Mercedes. My works aren't the best, so I encourage and appreciate feedback. (:

Last updated October 18, 2013