Better Be

Better be a joker than a depressed man
Better be a kind and compassionate man than an evil man
Better be a good man than a bad man

Better live in the now than live in the past
Better be courageous and full of balls and fire
Than be a wimp living in a straw house that will burn with fire
Better be willing to live for your principles and die for them
Than be a drunken, insane and reckless fool that lives in mayhem

Better be happy than sad
Better be a good dad than a bad dad
Better be a good husband than a foolish selfish man
Better be a masterly man that a servile man

Better live for now for the right moral principles
That will bring happiness, joy and wealth to these carnivores
Better enjoy the heath and share their joys in their existence of herbivores
Better eat salad with your meat and wine with your diet of mineral water so they are happy

Better accommodate all the whims and fantasies of mankind in shaping your life
Better listen to the politicians and the rules and regulations before you wash your dishes in this life
The dishes will never be clean unless the politicians say so as it is no longer about water and washing up liquid
It is about them and their sense of laws that change with their time and their liquid

Better be a drunk that cannot talk or walk
Than a drunk that holds a knife to your neck in the dark
Better be sober in the morning so you can do a full day’s work
So the ex-wife will not scream at you when you cannot pay child support

Better listen to what everyone tells you: Politicians, Media and your Ex-Wife
It's for your own good so you can be better and be happy in your strife
Better be a robot compromising with everything and everyone
Than be a true thinker and a true original being if you want to be in the here and now and not be gone

But I have a dream like Martin Luther King
My dream speaks of mankind like pebbles on the beach in the land of King
Turning into diamonds and jewels in the bright yellow sun of the day
Creating through their diverse, original, immense and creative intelligence a world of happiness, love and peace in this new era and day

Raj Napal

Raj Napal's picture

He was born in Port-Louis, Mauritius. His family emigrated to Britain in the late 60s. He practiced law in England for a number of years before moving to Ontario, Canada in the mid 90s. He loves writing poetry some of which he shares with his 2 teenage children and other people. He currently practices law in Ontario. He is really keen to use words in such a way in predominantly free verse form to create an emotional impact on his audience.

Last updated October 18, 2013