Forbidden Fruit

Now when you have landed in his arms
I envy him not my love
A nightingale's faded song still
echoes in my heart
that the bird has untied the knot.
I like a gloomy farmer stare the sky
and see the dispersing clouds of hope.
I stand mute like a singer
whose strings of lyre are broken
and melody is lost in the inner tempest.
as you sleep in the lap of my rival
I see you but envy thee not nor him.
You, like the daughter of Eve
tasted the forbidden fruit first
But I am also a son of Adam
I will not betray thee .


Mukeshkumar Raval's picture

Mukeshkumar Raval is an associate professor of English at G.D.Modi College of Arts, Palanpur. Gujarat, India.His poems are published in various national and international journals and anthologies.

Last updated September 20, 2013