The most noble bird, wife

A bird of nobility that flies
in the sky of every home
carries the weight of bond
fixed before five millenniums.
She is not a lonely star
deserted at the dawn,
she is the milky way that
nourishes children of stars
Dare not I to betray her for age or looks
she is free from the rules of any books
thousands of Suns were fed at her breast
thousands of Moons have starved at her crest
she withstands the winds that modernity blows
a river eternal from ages flows.


Mukeshkumar Raval's picture

Mukeshkumar Raval is an associate professor of English at G.D.Modi College of Arts, Palanpur. Gujarat, India.His poems are published in various national and international journals and anthologies.

Last updated September 20, 2013