Small poem addressed in public to W.SH.

I w i_
s h e d to w r i t e for
Shakespeare and what he
has bequeathed us: “ Today my
ambushed bird has started to part
the dust of the sanctuary of the [ Holy
Trinity Church] at Stratford an you, Sir,
foreshadowed at the well now taste the
wine from my wineskin, three hundred and
seventy nine years old – according to the per_
petuated calendar–as if this hemisphere of time
were a crossword containing everything:the cor_
dial hand, the compass, the plumed serpent, the
earth bound.” “ I will whisper in your ear, W. S.”:
“Here lies only the origin and joy, the place of
the last metamorphoses and elixirs made
from mermaids tears distilled in stills with
their cries. “ Sir W.S .– now a marble
stone resident – was not anywhere
else. H e b e g a n w i n e drinking
because of his mist,his concerns,
h i s W. S H., a n d
n o t h i n g e l s e

Myriam Solar( object poem on wineskin, music 4:00 dulcimer, English horn, bongoes)

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Quantum writer, poet and narrator. From 1987 its Literature develops in the intersection of art-sci-tech-nature and the interspecies, origin of the quantum poetic, the aesthetic of the biodiversity and the zoonarrative in children´s Literature. Her aesthetics language is based on patterns of complex interaction that construct the emerging of new, whom contributes to the Literature one object of new source with multimedia applications associated to the technological devices. The work has spread in multilingual Festivales, Biennials, Congresses, International Projects, Universities, Centers of Art, Literary Groups, international Galleries, Fairs and international Organisms of Spain, Mexico, China, Canada, USA and Internet. She is Author of 15 books of poetry, narrative and aestehtics. She has published "Antimateriales in Earth", Playor Editorial, Madrid and in Anthologies of Spain, Italy, Canada and Mexico. Its literary work has received distinctions in Spain, Italy, Usa and Chile and recently she received the 2009 International Nosside World Poetry Prize, Poesia in video in Lingua Spagnola Menzione Particolare, Italia and her e-museum has been nominee Best of the Web in the category Audio/Visual/Podcast of MW2011 Conference in Philadepphia(Usa). She is Director of Q-Literary Museum, a unique museum in Internet on quamtum literature. She is graduated in Sciences of the Information by the Complutense University of Madrid, with studies of doctorate and postgraduate in Spain.

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