My Heart Urges

by Shahida Latif

My heart urges for the sun,
To enkindle its dark world;
For the moon,
To relish with the vision,
Of extended charm of the sky,
Adorned with the golden ornaments;
For the dew drops,
To savour coolness of the dawn;
For the rose,
To experience intoxicating fragrance;
For the breeze,
To be caressed with gentle kisses;
For the sandy beach,
To offer my feet to the waves,
To be touched with the liquid fingers,
Where I might find myself,
A goddess and the waves the devotees,
Rushing for the sacred touch;
For the polite gentle love packed words;
That might blot the fatigue, tedium,
Of tiresome tedious life;
For the long sojourn at night,
To be led to clear clean lake,
Where I might find the glimpse,
Glimmering reflection of the moon,
With myriad stars:
Thoroughly another reflected world of illusion;
For the liberty of a cloud,
That rides floats unchained,
On the shoulders of the wind.

Shahida Latif

Shahida Latif's picture

Hi! I am Shahida Latif from Pakistan, I am the author of many books of Urdu poetry and one novel Saath Ishq "Seven Love Legends". In my poetic career I made several tours abroad and participated in seminars and poetry reading sessions, during the international tours I was asked by the literary figures to write in English as well, so I wrote my first poetry book in English, titled "Drop The Weapons", consisting of 70 poems. The book will be soon brought out, before the month of August 2011. I have been appreciated a lot by the readers. I hate bloodshed in the world, when any one is killed in war or in any conflict my heart weeps, I through my poetry want to give the message to humanity to end war and it is the easiest to do so, just drop the weapons, enlarge your zones of acceptance, consider all men and women are children of the same parents; we can make the world more and more beautiful with love and patience and by preferring others interests to ours. It is the only way to maintain peace in the world, open your eyes and minds lest it should be too late. Love and peace for all.Shahida Latif

Last updated September 14, 2011