Enigma of A Phoenix

Neelam Dadhwal

The ashes have been immersed
from where they have been raised high,
a tremor in Nepal across the Himalayas
my body has a new soul,
it sings to the rubble and henceforth
I can only rise to the sky
would it be nimbostratus cloud
so in the gaping only
I will look at the eternity
and what will fan my wings
over the Bay of Bengal
perhaps, I will burn back
this span of life.
Rise me from where
I must fall to the rich tributaries
of my land,
only then I will seek
no revenge, no remorse
only then I will be born
in the form speaking through
the dialect of soul.

Neelam Dadhwal

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Neelam Dadhwal is a bilingual poet and Shahai artist from Chandigarh, India. After culminating her career as a web developer and administrator, she took writing as a full-time pursuit. She has penned since 2013 three poetry books and one short story book.

Last updated April 27, 2015