by Nick Arnold

Continue to pour my thoughts out on this topic of discussion
Slow down, I keep gettin the feeling that I’m rushin
Like my cousin’s dying breaths, or the decision that was made
But lemme backtrack, letting feelings get in the way
A normal adolescent, aspiring for the highest
Goals that were attainable, wanted to be the flyest
We all searchin for something we’ve made a pact to do
The drive of ambition, it’s in us, it’s in you
Now snatch every dream that a mother had for her son
And replace that with a breath, “Baby, just take another one!”
A white man’s gun, the very courier of evil
He left, enjoyed his night, but the gunshots were lethal
Deceitful, everything we’ve been told from the start
We’ve more than just some ghetto thugs, these thoughts split us
What you must understand is our culture bore from oppression
The Hip Hop inside of us a form of expression
I wish I had the chance to explain to Jordan’s killer
That the song “Beef” by Lil Reese shouldn’t label him a dealer
Or is he ignorant or another ghetto thug?
Do you understand that your ignorance filled him with 3 slugs?
I don’t want sympathy and I don’t want affection
I want this country to head in the right direction
Instead of discussin who the Grammys should be awardin
Work to prevent murders like those of my cousin, Jordan.

Bullets into Bells: Poets and Citizens Respond to Gun Violence

Last updated March 04, 2023