Aquamarine Butterfly

by Nina Gabriel

Aquamarine Butterfly

By Aquamarine waters of my Kingdom,
Surrounded with splendor of treasures of my creations,
In a hard shell of a Crab, I was sitting and contemplating on my Life’s Journey,
One day, as the Golden rays of the Sun touched the Earth,
The silky threads of my cocoon passed through my heart,
Thus illuminating my spirit, warming my body and soul.
And as the night sky touched the Earth,
By the Silver rays of the Moon I was transformed into a Butterfly,
Keeping the color of my Kingdom of Aquamarine colors
I spread my wings as far as I could;
Two Golden threads connected me to Heaven from Earth leading my path.
And as I was transformed into a butterfly and given the wings to fly,
And fly I did, as far as I could see.
On my paths I discovered many places and many souls,
Some went along with me, some stayed behind to discover their own paths.
My journey is not over yet, it seems that it has just began, once more,
And this time around I plan to fly even further,
Spreading my wings far and wide, travel to different lands,
Sharing the splendor of my creations and gifts with the whole world,
Meeting the Souls that are transformed into butterflies as well,
This way we may all spread our Sparkles of Love and Light,
Illuminating the paths for the rest that plan to follow us,
On our Souls’ path of the Life’s Journeys with Love and Light in our hearts.
So you too, if you been transformed into a butterfly as well,
Come and join us on our Flight to Freedom through Love,
Because this way we can all create beautiful Heaven on Earth
And in our hearts were it all began.

Nina Gabriel

Nina Gabriel

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Last updated January 26, 2012