When I was new,

you knew me more,

You used me much,

you explored all my features,

you were proud of using me,

you boasted about me to your friends,

And at some point of time…

I became outdated for you,

you lost interest in me,

You found someone new and disposed me as such…

But you forgot that I had cadmium, lead, beryllium and many more in me,

I would not have caused all this hazardous damage to you and your world if you had

disposed me properly in any one of the electronic waste disposal centers.

Make sure you do it, so that I can be recycled without causing any harm to you and

the environment here on….

Thanking you,


Nisha Gopalakrishnan

I am Nisha Gopalakrishnan, I am from Bangalore, Karanataka, India., My profession - VLSI engineer, MY hobbies - reading, music, writing

Last updated April 02, 2015