The heart of a helpless woman

I willed myself to scream
But alas, my voice failed me,
Thinking this was a dream.

My heart exploded with anger ,hatred and disgust
For before me, this creature, I prayed with become one with the dust.

I stared into his gleaming eyes,
Searching , only to find the darkness of his soul.
I stared into his blackened heart
Which spat out daggers to my virtuous soul.

My aching heart cried out for me to escape
It hammered against my chest
And poundered for a way out,
But alas the deafening sounds of the rifle
Silenced the torments of my heart.

Its cries disappeared into a whisper
Which was swallowed by the wind.

And then the tranquility of the night
Became the reality of my soul.

Saajida gora

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Love life.

Last updated July 05, 2016