by Paul Hartal

At night
When the cloud
Was a moon-headed eagle
There were also
Entities in the brain
And airplanes flew
The troposphere and the stratosphere
It was so cerebral
And the flowers declared
Existence too

In the day after
A cumulonimbus came so close to me
That I could even hear
The sounds in its lungs
If they were in the brain then
If they were only
Metaphysical propositions
Neither analytic nor empirically verifiable
And therefore meaningless


Paul Hartal, Rain Drop; 1994, p. 43

Paul Hartal's picture

A man of many Odysseys, Paul Hartal is a Canadian poet, author and artist born in Szeged, Hungary. His critically acclaimed books include Postmodern Light (poetry, 2006), Love Poems (2004), The Kidnapping of the Painter Miró (novel, 1997, 2001), The Brush and the Compass (1988), Painted Melodies (1983) and A History of Architecture (1972) ., In 1975 he published in Montreal A Manifesto on Lyrical Conceptualism. Lyco Art is a new element on the periodic table of aesthetics, which intertwines the logic of passion with the passion of logic. In 1980 the Lyrical Conceptualist Society hosted the First International Poetry Exhibition in Montreal., In 1978 Hartal exhibited his paintings at the Musée du Luxembourg and the Raymond Duncan Gallery in France and his canvas Flowers for Cézanne won the Prix de Paris. He also has displayed his oeuvre in museums and galleries in New York, Montreal, Budapest, as well as many other places., He approaches poetry with the credo that the heart of poetry is the poetry of the heart. A recurring theme of his recent work explores the human tragedies of wars and genocides.

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