A Good Woman

Don’t take me for the girl
you should creep with

Take me for the woman
each and every night
you fall asleep with

Don’t take me to the movies
on the other side of town

I want to meet the family and your closest friends
I wanna be that true, the special
the one and only you bring around

Don’t label me the zenith of many
label me your next of kin

I don’t desire to be your second or third baby’s momma
You can keep all that type of drama
I wanna grow old together in bliss
I want your life long wife lover and friend

Don’t tell me how good my treasure is
don’t come over and take long showers
caress my body and give me nice back rubs

Then get geared up, put on yo’ smell good
then run down the street skirt chasing
with your negligible juvenile friends all night at different clubs

I know how to get my groove on too
and getting a few numbers at the club is cool

I like makin new friends and networkin
I might network my way into a producer, a lawyer, a major stock holder
my momma didn’t raise no fool

Now while you thinking you got it all together
love better bring you to my house tonight

While you’re out with the fellas spottin hotties
I’ve got ample time to do a few interviews
don’t tempt me
cuz I just might

Don’t be blind to the fact that what we have is to be cherished
you could loose me should you remain elusive

You’ll never find this peace and comfort
with any other being on earth
it’s real, it’s special
an offer to you exclusive

The Desk of Miz P Floes

Miz Floes's picture

Miz Portionte` Floes the poet, soulful expressionist, and vocalist, currently resides in the Pacific Northwest., Her poetry is refreshing, informative, intellectual, funny, and the list goes on., Every poem within her collection is prolific in its own right. Her use of rhyme and intellect are ingenious!, Miz Portionte` Floes performs weekly at the “Soul Shop” Spoken Word venue, in Seattle, WA, as well as Wallingford’s, Wonder Bar. Using the stage name Miz Floes, Portionte` has dubbed her technique as "Soulful Expression" (reciting and singing her imaginative verses with the accompaniment of a Live Jazz / Funk / Soul Band)!

Last updated June 30, 2016