A plain path

A plain path leading the way
nobody can change it.
Every step, the seasons change
from winter, spring, summer, then fall.

Green eyes look up
struggling to survive
from the cold wind that runs by.
A powdery whiteness falling from the sky.

People gather, talk, and leave.
A couple sits close, hugs and kisses.
A differing experience,
known by many, but no one knows.
For the flower inside the heart can bloom or wilt,
depending on how a person treats and cares for it.

Trees gobble up energy
from the glowing sphere so far away.
They lift their arms to touch
the endless sea that turns light and dark continuously.

The rustle of dry leaves
as the wind plays with them.
They dress themselves up in green, yellow and red
for a big farewell party for each other.
Before the cold blanket surrounds them.

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I enjoy reading and making poems.

Last updated August 30, 2015