Living Life to the Fullest

To Follow your heart, and intuition,
That should be, your number one mission.
Listen to your inner voice,
Live your life, through your choice.

The point is to love, what you are doing,
Your deepest passions; should be pursuing.
Every moment, live excited,
Every morning, be delighted.

Always look forward, to what is ahead,
Your thoughts and wisdom, gracefully spread.
Living life to the fullest, is up to you,
Look in the mirror, always be true.

Charles S Mortson

Charles S Mortson's picture

Charles Chuze Kayeyi, young, vibrant, high-school student and a lover of art, inspired to publish poems by Mortson, a Researcher and Mentor, to an extent of combining efforts and skill to build a name, Charles S Mortson, a Zambian and proud African with a worldwide vision.

Last updated July 03, 2015