A Brief Illumination

by James W. Catt

A memory, an impression like a stamp on my infant brain
of curtains floating on a breeze.
Fingers of sunlight move across the rug of red and gold leaving an empty space
behind them.
I sit alone there, against a blank wall of a blank room.
My body consumed by it's blankness, seeing only red and gold on a vast plain across the horizon of my eyes.
It fills my mind with a throbbing energy,
those golden fingers, the pulse of the world.

A loss, so complete in its self, a loss that could only be felt
by a child,
the fingers retreat out of the window to mingle there among the sunlit flakes
of summer.

I am left alone among the blankness, red and gold have faded in to an empty

I am formally an artist, but the urge to write over came me like a door blown open by the wind. I love to read and enjoy music

Last updated April 26, 2017