Have you no idea how it hurts
When you just simply cannot put your feelings into words
Do you not believe that I feel love, that I am hated
Do you really think my heart to be so gated?

Does it mean that I don't cry when you have never seen my tears?
Does it mean I don't feel joy just because I haven't smiled for real in years?
Does it mean that I'm as cold as ice when I have never let you touch my skin?
Does it mean that I'm not righteous just because you've often been a witness to my sin?

Do you know I used to let the tears run freely down my cheeks?
Do you know I'd wear a happy smile for long and endless weeks?
Do you know he loved to touch my skin for hours in a row?
And into his eyes I saw my heaven and I knew I'd never let him go

He was my sunshine in the pouring rain
Even when he was gone, I knew he would be by my side again
He was my moon among the stormy clouds
When I just felt unsteady, he could always ease my doubts

But then fate decided that a love so great should not survive
She got jealous for she saw we had a blissful life
And as she ripped him from my lifeless, clutching hands
I felt as though she'd ripped my heart and I could see how in her feet it lands

So now I'm standing in the coldest winter's night
And I can feel the icy drops of water bring me pain that I just cannot seem to fight
For I am all alone in the blackest night that’s ever fell
And the lack of moonlight tells me that I'm standing in the darkest depths of hell

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Last updated November 12, 2015