To you

I’ve never really understood the world
With nothing more to offer than a lot of pain and hurt
And yet we always try to find a place
Make everybody recognize our face
We never stop to think about the price
And just how much we lose along the way, we cannot seem to realize
They always try to find a path not ever walked
Doesn’t anybody think what I have always thought?

No matter how hard you try to find your way
A travelled path is all you see in the light of day
It doesn’t matter how big you dream at night
Somebody’s fought what you have yet to fight
We try and try to find a place beyond our reach
We fall, we fail, we try to breach
A wall so thick and tall, so wide and long
Ever changing, as old as time, and yet still very strong

We cannot seem to find a way to go beyond, above
It is like nothing we have ever heard of
But hear my voice and listen to my words
And go on forwards no matter how much it hurts
For the wall is there, although it is not real
And the only way to go through it is to heal
Let go of everything that’s keeping you in chains
Free your soul and you’ll feel it running through your veins

Because all walls are made in order to be broken
And all the doors are waiting wide, completely open
The only thing that’s keeping you in place is you
So stop being the rock and do what you were always meant to do

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Last updated November 12, 2015