A second lost, a lifetime wasted
A moment hesitation, a future left behind
My lips were locked with fear that I detested
The oldest tale in all the history of mankind

We dread the truth, we dread our feelings
We wait, we hope, we run away from living
We hate almighty Fate for all its dealings
We do whatever's necessary not to stop believing

But can you say that you have lived
If you have never seen, or heard, or tasted
If you have never suffered, cried, forgived
A life without the pain, is life completely wasted

For happiness is never freely given
And joy can never come without a fight
That fleeting bliss is what makes all men driven
What makes us claw through life with our all might

Because you'd never know true laughter
And beauty would have never shone so bright
If you hadn't wept surrounded by disaster
And ugliness had not consumed your inner light

So live for fear, for hate and live to suffer
Because your courage only stems from freezing dread
Enjoy your pain and smile when being hurt or laugh in face of terror
For you can never know true happiness, without first having bled to near death

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Last updated November 12, 2015