"What you liked about me?"

She Asked:

My mind started racing,

What should I mask.

The moments that we made,

Under the trees' shades.

That day that we played,

When you ran and I chased:

I caught you and

We fell together.

Slowly we rose,

Smiling as our eyes met,

And you laughed as

I wiped my nose.

That was the day

I fell for you. Again!

The days that we sat,

Along with our mates.

They stared at us,

Feeling envy about something,

As the long chats we made-

As if nothing else exists,

And the world is just an open space-

Those were the days

I fell for you. Again!

Those nights during exams,

Early were we supposed to wake.

You became my alarm.

But I woke before you made me awake,

As I just wished to hear,

Your giddy voice, not unaware.

And we talk about moments,

So that I don't sleep again.

Those were the moments,

I fell for you. Again!

Those moments when you cried,

Don't mind but I smiled.

I wished you keep complaining

About everything,

That has to be explained.

I loved to wipe your tears.

And console-

Everything will be alright.

Just sleep tight.

That was the day,

I fell for you. Again!

The day when we went,

To a college fair,

You cramped against me,

Though we had enough space spare.

And smiled in front of the camera.

As it recorded the day that was to fade.

That was the day,

I fell for you. Again!

The first day we met,

Destiny perhaps,

I didn't even know you,

Till a year went.

The day when I first was introduced,

You recognized me then,

And laughed at every joke I cracked.

And laid your head on my hand

Even at once I wouldn't laugh,

If I was at your place.

The day when I first thought,

This is the day-

Our love story began.

The last day we met,

When I hesitated-

You took my arm,

And placed near your neck

We posed as a couple.

We faked a laugh,

I didn't wish to move,

I confess.

That was the Day,

I fell for you, Again!

I knew it could hurt,

But I wanted to dive anyway.

As they say, some mistakes are

Meant to be made.

It's not you that I loved,

It was what I became with you,

I could list more but,

I doubt you would understand.

As you decided,

-never to fall.

Ever again.

Yash Raja

Yash Raja's picture

The love of humans, and their hypocrisy- Is everything that is highlighted by me., 20 is my age and I have just began writing poetry., As a start I have started with free verse... soon I will come along with other types too.

Last updated May 12, 2017