The Letter to 'The One'.

I don't know what love is...
Neither do I know what those feelings mean,
As I have felt for every girl I met,
And there is no one that did I ever hate,
As I am nice to everyone, you see...

When she smiles, it feels my duty to freeze it there...
When she weeps, it feels my responsibility to shrug it away.
I feel like a knight when I am with her,
"Though shalt hast to fight me." I say to the problems breaching her.
But I am just a toy for her that she plays with when is sad,
A pillow that she cries on when she is mad.
But when she is happy I just lie on the bed,
Thinking are only the tears of my share?
I always want to watch her glee,
But can't she just stay happy with me?...

Is it a sin to love you?
To want someone to also love me as much as I do?
I am tired now to find you my lady,
Now it's not me, but my solitude that searches for thee,
Now I fall for everyone I find,
Even if they hurt,
For it hurts to stay alone,
Then to get hurt while finding the one,
Trying gives me hope, even though I get hurt,
That someone would I find, would not treat me as dirt...
She will find me, and I shall dance,
As Archimedes did when he found what he planned...
I need to try, as I haven't seen you...
I don't know what the one looks like,
It's better to get hurt while trying to get away from pain,
Than to know that the pain will last...

Yash Raja

Yash Raja's picture

The love of humans, and their hypocrisy- Is everything that is highlighted by me., 20 is my age and I have just began writing poetry., As a start I have started with free verse... soon I will come along with other types too.

Last updated May 12, 2017