Love, Like The Bird In The Sky

I saw you when it was dark,
I saw you when it was night,
You appeared as a bird in the sky,
Beautiful, but away from my reach.
You didn't even notice that I saw you...

You had a direction to fly through.
But I stopped what I was supposed to do,
As it is not every day, to see someone like you.
I knew we were of distinct species,
Nothing could happen between us.
But you were a marvelous sight,
-Like the bird in the sky.

It was a wonderful relationship you know,
Me adoring you and while you not having any clue-
When you sailed through the winds with your friends.
Freely, without any fear on your face-
Of how hard life is,
And that life is a race.
When I saw you, even I forgot,
That there were things that were vital,
More than watching you my dear
- Like the bird in the sky.

It was just for moments,
That I could watch your face...
I searched for you everywhere,
But you faded away in the dark haze,
-Like the bird in the sky.

It's not that I wished to cage you.
Nor is that do I wish that you know me,
But while watching the sky from my veranda,
I just wished that I see you every day,
So that you can set me free...
I don't wish you were mine,
But I always wish you were right before my eyes,
-Like the bird in the sky.

Yash Raja

Yash Raja's picture

The love of humans, and their hypocrisy- Is everything that is highlighted by me., 20 is my age and I have just began writing poetry., As a start I have started with free verse... soon I will come along with other types too.

Last updated May 12, 2017