Apologies to Lake

by Lim Siek Lik

Lake, I am more wet than you
I experienced wetness, knowing the wetness is
not dry, what you do not know
and really not experienced
but I tell you

Lake, you do not think yourself dry
too. Coz you are wet, dryness is
not wet, it is in my experience of
lacking water, is what you have not thought, you
too do not think, actually why thinking
is dry, lake

Lake, only one reason of the blowing of the
wind, wind is blowing. Ripples
is but the waves on surface, I understand
my experience
but lake, you do not know yourself,
without knowing, not knowing self is moving
too. This I do not want to
hide from you, nothing
to be

Lake, yes lake. Changing
experiencing incidents and time
is the word is me. Lake, apologies to you
coz a matter of accepting apology, this too you
do not know.

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A poet who writes poems. Often known best as eL. From Malaysia.

Last updated July 05, 2016