Round with a crispy white core.
Crunch it, taste its juicy play.
Teeth strong and healthy, its lore.
Apples will keep docs away.

Play with it, throw ball, catch it.
Use as a target to train.
It is hard, good throw and hit.
Swollen eye, it can give pain.

Apple cider is best sweet.
Cider better when it's brewed.
Cider moment, sways falls prat.
Spirit juices got to his head.

Apple crumble, sweet delight.
Custard adorns with rich flavor.
Mums use it to make nice treats.
Kids gobble it in wonder.

Apples good like wine and grape.
Tasty like nice strawberry.
Can cause pain like banana.
It was a forbidden fruit!

Raj Napal

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He was born in Port-Louis, Mauritius. His family emigrated to Britain in the late 60s. He practiced law in England for a number of years before moving to Ontario, Canada in the mid 90s. He loves writing poetry some of which he shares with his 2 teenage children and other people. He currently practices law in Ontario. He is really keen to use words in such a way in predominantly free verse form to create an emotional impact on his audience.

Last updated October 07, 2015