Conquering The Irresolute

by Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill

The sun sets in my soul
The fiery red drains it dry
With parched lips and blazing skies
I could wither away and die
You should know I'm in love with you
And I waste all these opportunities
To just say aloud; I must concede
What we both know is true

Strong as I feel
Yet I never can command the words
It's funny how I always trip over myself
And pray to God that you don't notice
So I'll see you again sometime
Ever hoping it will be soon
Because I think about you every night and day
And this hesitation kills me

Conversation; my thoughts wander
I can tell your do the same
Over cups of tea, eyes lingering
These moments come so suddenly
My heart races with my
Confessions of love to you
You who stands before me
Not quite so surprised

So if this was meant to be
Shouldn't this have happened already?
I think we were meant to be
Anyway, eventually

And all these words I say
Give testimony from my heart
So much you mean to me, I can't lose this chance
Or let you slip away
So tell me your thoughts today
I suspect you feel the same
I can tell by your eyes and I'm
Not quite so surprised

Last updated August 10, 2015