The day of life

by Ioan Rusu

For my friend,
James Forte

The day was comming
earlier in the morning.

with hair in the wind
I walked outside
in the cold grass.

I was only waiting
the sunrise
over the hills...

For me,
the time
was infinity...

It was a wonderful summer day:
I ran
I learned
I loved
I wrote
I played
I enjoy the life

Late, in the evening
I see my face
in the mirror:
with white hair
my life was gone
and there is
nothing to say.

I only ask my wife
to go outside
and see the sky...

And I know
that in the deep of universe
there is a star,
only a star
who shine
for me...

And I also know
that tomorrow
the morning will come
in our garden,
with the sunrise
over the hills...

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Ioan Rusu was born in 1963 in a peasants family, in Batca Doamnei village, nearby Piatra Neamt town, Romania. Living in a communist regim, in childhood, he was oriented by his family to study in technical schools and his orientation for poetry was ignore. In 1988, Ioan Rusu finished The Electrical University of Iasi, Romania, and become engineer. In all this time, Ioan Rusu wrote poems. After Romanian revolution, in December 1989, Ioan Rusu become more interested in publishing his work. In 1995 the poetry book “Remembers Of The Life Time” was registered at Copyright Office, Library Of Congress, Washington. In 2002, Ioan Rusu published this book at Hyperion Publishing House, Craiova, Romania.

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