Debauchery In Dormont

Eye's, eye lashes, eye balls, eye contact is needed for this seduction
The rhetoric of a sex addict
Let's talk about nouns
Her name is your name, she's from Pittsburgh and we're gonna do the thing
From acquaintance to sex slave, sticky juices will drip
The comedic performance went over well, she's all smiles with a twinkle in her eye
Getting closer to my goal, I pour her another glass of cheap Italian white wine as I try my hardest to hold this fart in
Studying her lips with the words that come out, I know other things will cum later
She understands my English profoundly, pardon my French, but she's well aware I wanna fuck
I'm not bias honey I have the voter card to prove it
I registered my independence it's a lonely choice, but with you I could renounce it
Dormont tends to be a boring place let's pretend we're in France
Debauchery in the streets, debauchery in Dormont
Would you like those eggs over easy in the morning along with a glass of orange juice to wash the chlamydia down with
Fresh outta condoms, bring on the amoxicillin
Dirty and deceased, penetration and solidarity
Holding hands at the clinic, we finally have something in common
Smiling from ear to ear

Debauchery In Dormont

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I'm a poet from Pittsburgh expressing myself with words instead of violence. What benefits me has the power to benefit other people. If my poetry is cathartic to you, power to us!

Last updated August 25, 2015