Mother Throws Milk Bottles at Soldiers

by Ilya Kaminsky

Momma Galya Armolinskaya, 63, is having more sex than you and I.
When she walks across her balcony

and the soldier “Oh” stands up
and another stands,
and the whole battalion--

we try not to look at her breasts
but they are everywhere
nipples like bullets.

Fat Momma in a small town, queen of bullshit!
whiskey keeps her conscience clean.

She flies over the country like
a tardy milkman
a rim of ice on her milk bottles.

On a yellow bicycle
she aims milk bottles at security checkpoints.

Galya Armolinskaya you are the luckiest Momma in the nation!
your iron bicycle
tears with bright whiskey courage
through an advancing rank of soldiers into daylight. You pedal barefoot
wearing just shorts.

And let the law go whistle.

Last updated April 03, 2023