Edna's Sandcastle

by Robert Lloyd Jaffe

I came across a poet’s words
crafted with her loving hand,
she spoke of ugly houses
built upon the rock,
and of her shining palace
built upon the sand.
She had me look that day
at all the plans I’ve made,
and placed so carefully on the stone,
and of all the things I didn’t plan
but later became my own.
Somehow between these two
a peaceful horizon I can see?
the feeling is of moving closer
and sails filled with mystery.
Love is built on faith
and in that, happiness is based,
truly is the rest of life?
so precariously placed.

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I am an observer and listener of the music of life. Where I find cadence, I find my interest and passion directed. It can be sound, light, smell, or purely an experience of thought. The sky, the sea, the mountains, and the machines that allow me to explore those places draw my attention, and give me serenity.

Last updated May 06, 2016